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Propellers undergo tremendous centrifugal stress. Each blade can have as much as 40,000 lbs. of load placed on it during a typical flight. The hub, which holds everything together, is subject to incredible loading. Any corrosion, cracking, nicking, etc., can cause a “stress riser” in a propeller component, weakening that area. If left unaddressed, a small indication can cause complete failure of a component. The results can be at best inconvenient. At worst lethal.

Your propeller is a very critical and expensive piece of equipment. Overhauling and servicing your propeller according to the manufacturer’s recommendations helps ensure that your equipment is safe. Many minor problems are discovered and remedied during overhaul that would turn into costly repairs or future failures.

Scheduled routine propeller maintenance dramatically increases pilot and passenger safety, and can save considerable dollars over the long run.  For such important maintenance, you can only trust the experts, and we have close relationships with all the major manufacturers including Hamilton Standard, Hartzell, McCauley, MT and Sensenich.

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