Sell us your propeller

We pay fair prices for good parts.

If you have excess inventory, parts you don’t need or are simply looking to unload a propeller, give us a call. Our high sales volume and large warehouse capabilities allow us to acquire parts and propellers, perform any required maintenance and connect with aircraft owners who might need them.

We’re more than willing to pay a fair price for single items and even large-scale transactions. We have close relationships with all the major manufacturers including Hamilton Standard, Hartzell, McCauley, MT and Sensenich, so we can get the most out of your unused parts. Don’t let excess parts and propellers rust away. Turn them into profit with Memphis Propeller.


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We carry Hamilton Standard, Hartzell, McCauley, MT and Sensenich propellers and provide excellent customer service, competitive pricing and global shipping. Learn More

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Expertly trained and extensively experienced technicians. State-of-the-art testing and repair equipment. Serious dedication to our craft and to your safety. Learn More

Sell Us Your Propeller

We seek the opportunity to purchase any propeller or propeller parts that are surplus to your needs, and are willing to pay a fair price for quality items. Learn More